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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

OpenWebGIS is working again

OpenWebGIS is running again after moving and a long period of non-working and you can use this free and open, browser based geographic information system (GIS) at the usual link.
Besides earlier announced plans on system developing (read about it also at and OpenWebGIS team sets the new goal to explore the possibility to use the new library version of OpenLayers 3 (now in the core of the system OpenLayers 2 is used). The result of the first experiments is available at the link ( it will be updated, please follow the changes). This experimental version we will call OpenWebGIS 2. While the version OpenWebGIS 1.0 still is the main, actual and constantly supported. This OpenWebGIS 1.0 version should be used for your  diverse tasks in cartography.
Last month OpenWebGIS was working in the test mode, now it is fully functioning, but there are still some small technical problems - sometimes the system can be online unavailable.  In this case you should wait for a while and everything will be alright. You can use source code OpenWebGIS for your  projects. Copy and use it, it is possible to use the OpenWebGIS without having to connect to the server of OpenWebGIS and even without Internet connection. For doing this just download OpenWebGIS source code from GitHub or version for Android (source code for Android and APK file for Android OS). OpenWebGIS has new version of the interface. It is activated when you click on the «New Interface» button.
The OpenWebGIS team sincerely thanks everyone who uses our system, supports us, helps with their advice, and publishes information about OpenWebGIS. We hope to continue cooperation.
You can find detailed information about OpenWebGIS features and applications on our blog and at the
The OpenWebGIS blog and a full list of articles about OpenWebGIS provide a lot of information about possibilities and specific features of OpenWebGIS.


  1. nice to hear it, I was wondering why you have used ol2 instead of ol3, I hope you can develope it fast, Also there is some 3d liberaries such as tangram and etc which I hope we can have them on ol3 soon, they currently work with leaflet.

    1. OK. Thank you for your interest to OpenWebGIS.