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Monday 3 August 2015

List of articles about OpenWebGIS in chronological order (descending) according to their writing

One of the methods to create and use offline base maps for web based GIS, JavaScript example

Earthquake in Ecuador on 17 April 2016 - foreshocks, mainshock and aftershocks

OpenWebGIS: An open source geographic information system

Mapping information from Paleobiology and Global Biodiversity databases in OpenWebGIS

Customizing of OpenWebGIS interface to create your own workspace

Maps online with OpenStreetMap and OSMBuildings free programs topography - Aprende topografía urbana OpenStreetMap y Osmbuildings (article in Spanish)

New feature of OpenWebGIS - mapping data from GBIF, and new Contributors

Thanks to our Contributors, join them, support an open source project OpenWebGIS!

OpenWebGis un open source per la visualizzazione web o mobile di sistemi informativi geografici (article in Italian)

Support OpenWebGIS crowdfunding campaign

Web Mapping, Part 2

Creating WiFi map and monitoring access points based on geographic information system (OpenWebGIS)

Use maps and sensors in your phone as one tool with the help of OpenWebGIS

Mathematical operations in OpenWebGIS (on the attributes of map layers)

Web mapping (Part 1, The Basics)

Source code of OpenWeGIS for Android OS on GitHub

The OpenWebGIS now as Android app

Source code of OpenWeGIS on GitHub. Initial commit.

About OpenWebGIS and 3D maps at

Mona Lisa on the map of OpenWebGIS and QGIS - Art and GIS together 

Extrude image to 2D vector, 2.5D and 3D layers on the map

Spatial and temporal distribution of earthquakes in the USA and adjacent areas (1950-2015)

French interface of OpenWebGIS - Test version/L'interface française de OpenWebGIS - La version de test

Help to create a free online OpenWebGIS interface in your own language

Spatial and temporal distribution of earthquakes in Chile and adjacent areas (1960-2015)

200 million years of the dinosaurs life (sauropods) in a few seconds on the map

3D maps, new version of Cesium JavaScript library and OpenWebGIS

Integrating your map service and Wikipedia using JavaScript and PHP

Maps, hurricanes and linear regression equation (correlation) in OpenWebGIS using JavaScript
How to create a heatmap on the map using JavaScript, Openlayers and canvas

Heatmap and Interpolation: it is easy in OpenWebGIS

Layer Styling, SLD file, OpenWebGIS and QGIS

SIG Online ¡Open Source! ¡3D!

Weather in OpenWebGIS

Import/export of OpenStreetMap vector data using OpenWebGIS

Top 10 tallest freestanding structures on the map

Some new (June 2015) features and functions in OpenWebGIS

Integration of OpenWebGIS with “OSM Buildings” JavaScript library

Animation of earthquakes (including aftershocks) in Nepal on 25 April by hours

Customizing legend of the layer with cluster strategy of OpenWebGIS

Embedding animated maps of OpenWebGIS in your sites or blogs.

History maps with the help of OpenWebGIS. Examples.

Examples of embedding maps created with the help of OpenWebGIS in your websites or blogs.

Share your maps and your interface created in OpenWebGIS

OpenWebGIS map of the exact discovery location of the biggest dinosaur with photos and video.

Use OpenWebGIS to convert any vector layers to shapefiles.

New module of Image Analysis in OpenWebGIS. Segmentation of regions by colors and vectorization.

Geolocating position of other person or object in OpenWebGIS

Geolocate your own position in OpenWebGIS

Look into the future with the help of OpenWebGIS (breef scription of "Analysis and time series prediction subsystem") in OpenWebGIS.

Add images or links to images and videos as layers attributes in OpenWebGIS

New and old interface of OpenWebGIS

Create fractals on the map by using OpenWebGIS

International Space Station: Track creating and Positions in 2D and 3D using OpenWebGIS

World geology layer in OpenWebGIS: bedrock geology 2D and 3D

Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Sun created by OpenWebGIS

Transform Earth Globe to Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Sun. Using OpenWebGIS in astrogeology

Bedrock and Structural geology. World geology layer in OpenWebGIS

The interactive map of the earthquakes with magnitude 8 and more in 1900-2014 years

Map of Carolingian Coin Hoards (AD 751-987) in OpenWebGIS

OpenWebGIS: old maps overlay on the modern ones

The meteorological service based on OpenWebGIS

Remarkable integration of OpenWebGIS with 'OSM Buildings' JavaScript library

Video about changing the sky (background) around the Earth in 3D View of OpenWebGIS.

OpenWebGIS: Changing the sky (background) around the Earth in 3D View.

Creating 3D track of International Space Station with the help of OpenWebGIS

OpenWebGIS change 3D view to 2.5D view - The world`s major cities population

OpenWebGIS 3D Infographics - The world`s major cities population

Video. OpenWebGIS is now in 3D! Atlantic Hurricane Tracks with OpenWebGIS.

Ready 2D map for article: Creating a 3D city model in OpenWebGIS (Extruding 2D polygons to 3D)

Creating a 3D city model in OpenWebGIS (Extruding 2D polygons to 3D)

OpenWebGIS is now in 3D!

How to create (add) a new vector layer (polygons, lines, points) in OpenWebGIS?

Satellite Tracking in OpenWebGIS

Non-standard use of Web GIS on the example of OpenWebGIS functionality

Integration of OpenWebGIS with OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia

Module of OpenWebGIS for working with WMS layers. Roman Roads and Provinces.

Animation of Situation map of Ebola virus outbreaks 1976-2014

Situation map of Ebola virus outbreaks 1976-2014

Representing Ethnic Groups in OpenWebGIS

The information tools (data base and GIS) to help paleontologists in their scientific researches

OpenWebGIS: system structure and how to start similar projects? Part one.

OpenWebGIS: структура системы и с чего начать при создании аналогичных проектов? часть первая

Open source software in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) development

Animation with the help of OpenWebGIS of Atlantic Hurricane Tracks 1851-2004

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