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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Thanks to our Contributors, join them, support an open source project OpenWebGIS!

The crowdfunding campaign of OpenWebGIS on Indiegogo is continuing and today the new contributor Robertsonhl from Australia has supported this open source project. We would like to express our appreciation and this name will be on our site of OpenWebGIS.
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OpenWebGIS is an open source online/offline geographic information system for work in web browser or mobile app. Since its foundation (2014), a great number of users have benefited from using this system functions. The site and the blog have been visited tens of thousands of times. Over this time the system was worth mentioning in respectable professional information resources.

Now OpenWebGIS needs funds for a qualitative leap in its development!
This system has been and will always be free and open, but the time has come when your support is needed in the form of financial assistance, in order that the system would continue to exist, evolve and help you in your work and life with new useful features. By means of funding you give thanks for the work on the creation of the existing functions and help in the creation of new ones. Share our plans and be part of the process! Be involved with other users who believe in us and share our vision!

Please support the crowdfunding campaign of OpenWebGIS and repost this information among your friends.

Read more information about crowdfunding campaign and our plans on, and Indiegogo.

Yours sincerely,
OpenWebGIS team.

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