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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

French interface of OpenWebGIS - Test version/L'interface française de OpenWebGIS - La version de test

OpenWebGIS with French interface is available here.
More than a month ago, I asked for help in translating OpenWebGIS interface into other languages. It was described for all users how and what to do in this article: "Help to create a free online OpenWebGIS interface in your own language". At the moment, few people have responded to this call for help to make free and open source software available to more people.
But since I can not wait and want to experiment as soon as possible with the interface in other languages, I translated the interface from English into French with the help of automatic translation ( Once again I draw your attention: the translation has been done automatically, so it certainly is full of errors and inaccuracies, but since this is an experiment, I ask not to judge strictly and help me with this translation.

If you decide to help in the translation of the interface into your language, do not do it as I did :) - please do not translate it automatically using any translation software. It is better to make an "alive" translation that will be easy for people to understand. 
This translation process was a surprises for me:
1. The French (the text in French) is longer (about 20%) than the English one, and therefore it was necessary to expand some interface blocks.
2. Apostrophes (single quotation marks) are commonly used in the French language, some of them damaged rows of JavaScript source code, if in them single quotation marks were used instead of the double quotes - and it had to be looked for and corrected.
Certainly I am not the first person who faces these problems in the interface when translating it into another language and they probably already have a solution. But it is interesting to try everything by yourself. You are welcome to join us and!

The way the text is lengthened or shortened when translated into other languages is briefly described, for example in these articles: Text size in translation, Will the translated version be longer or shorter than the original document?.
This could be interesting both for software developers, and for all the rest.

L'interface française de OpenWebGIS - La version de test

OpenWebGIS avec interface en français est disponible ici.

Il ya plus d'un mois, je demandé de l'aide dans la traduction de l'interface de OpenWebGIS dans d'autres langues. Il a été décrit pour tous les utilisateurs comment et quoi faire dans cet article: aider à créer une interface OpenWebGIS en ligne gratuit dans votrepropre langue.

Mais puisque je ne peux pas attendre et que vous voulez expérimenter dès que possible avec l'interface dans d'autres langues, je traduisais l'interface de l'anglais en français avec l'aide de la traduction automatique ( Une fois encore, je voudrais attirer votre attention: la traduction a été fait automatiquement, donc il est certainement pleine d'erreurs et d'inexactitudes, mais puisque cela est une expérience, je demande de ne pas juger strictement et me aider avec cette traduction.

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