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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Import/export of OpenStreetMap vector data using OpenWebGIS

In OpenWebGIS now there is an opportunity to download OpenStreetMap data from a file or directly from the OpenStreetMap server. To download from the file you need to select the menu item "Layers" -> "New layer from OSM file" (See Figure 1). To download from the server you need to choose the menu item "GeoDataBase" -> "OpenSreetMap database" (See Figure 2). After selecting these menu items, the corresponding windows with the settings will appear (they are shown in the pictures with red arrows).
Figure 1
Figure 2

After pressing the "Select the information (tags)" button when selecting the OSM file and downloading directly from the OpenSreetMap server, in the options window the set of tags which are contained in the selected information will appear. The user can specify a set of tags and their values and download as a layer on the map only the information that contains these tags (See Figure 3).
Figure 3

When you download the data directly from the server, you need to specify the region of interest with two clicks on the map (the bottom left point and the upper right point of the bounding box), the size of the rectangle, as a rule, is advisable not to install more than 1-2 degrees in latitude and longitude (because of the possible complexity of loading large amounts of data and applying them on the map) (See Figure 4).
Figure 4
In addition to downloading OpenSreetMap data on the map, you can export any vector layer in OSM format file. To do this, you need to specify the layer name in the list of "Editable layer" and select "Layers" -> "Export layer to OSM format" (See Figure 5). You can select the data from the OpenStreetMap server and apply it on the map even if the base map is not just OpenStreetMap, but any other one (See Figure 6).
Figure 5
Figure 6

 You can see the part of discribed process on the video:

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